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NT Premier
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Dedicated Servers
Standard Features
Glossary of Terms

Standard Features

Multiple Access Connections E-Mail Forwarding E-Mail Autoresponders
MS FrontPage extensions Unlimited Updates Via FTP Your own local "cgibin" dir
Detailed Web Usage Page 30 Day Money back Guarantee Secured Environment
SSL Secure Server available Access to Raw Log Files Troubleshooting Tutorials
99% uptime guarantee Free CGI Libraries Simple Search
Email Forms Online Bulletin Board Guestbook
Internet access available to our hosting clients.
       Billing is monthly or yearly. Yearly accounts get one free month of hosting (baker's dozen). 
       Transfers between account-types and adding/removing FrontPage extensions incur additional fees
       Additional data transfer is billed at $10 per 500 MB or fraction thereof per month
       New Registrations require an initial payment of $60 for the first 2 years of registration, and $30 per year after that.
       For Domain Modification Requests to "Transfer Existing Domains", a transfer fee will be required.
       Our server locations have multiple T-3 connectivity.
       Please read our Hosting Terms and Conditions before signing up.
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