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Starting with an overall Marketing Strategy is important, but even the best strategy needs proper research and implementation planning in order to be fully effective. To leverage your advertising dollars, you need to make sure that your web site is ranked high in the search engines first, before you spend money on other advertising campaigns in print, broadcast, or on-line.

Have you ever been driving down the road and heard a radio ad, or read a billboard that caught your interest. If you're like most people, by the time you got home you couldn't remember the URL, so you keyed whatever you remembered of the product name or company name into your favorite search engine and crossed your fingers hoping the company would be listed in the first few sites. If the company wasn't ranked high in the search engines for those keywords, they just wasted their advertising dollars. Worse yet, you're likely to buy from a competitor's site that did rank high, which means the ad actually made a sale for the competition.

By working with you to determine your target audiences, and by researching which keywords people are actually using when looking for a product or service like yours, we are able to help you identify the words and combinations of words that will bring your site the most qualified leads. The result is a keyword strategy containing the keywords and key phrase that will bring your site a high volume of targeted traffic.

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