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Submission Services

Once your site has been optimized, the next step is to get your site searched and indexed by the major search engines. Search engines can find and index your site using two primary methods. The first method they use is to follow links around the Internet until they happen to visit a site that has a link to your site (if there are any). The second method they use is to index sites that are "submitted" to them.

The list of sites submitted to the Search Engines can be very long, so it can still take a while for the search engine to work its way down the list, but the alternative of waiting for them to find your site is much worse. Some Search Engines and Directories also offer expedited indexing - for a price.

Depending on your needs and budget, we can either perform a one-time submittal of your site to the leading search engines, or we can continue resubmitting it as appropriate throughout the contract period to ensure optimal placement. We can also submit it to the important directories, such as Yahoo! and the Open Directory Project.

Note that the services that submit your pages to "thousands" of search engines are wasting your money. Once you are visible from the major search engines, the other engines will use that info4rmation to index your site.

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